ruchoma baza obsługowa RBOMobile Operating Base:NVCOM SYSTEMS was the first and only company in the Polish market that implemented a fully self-designed and self-made “laboratory on wheels”. This is an entire new way for servicing, repairing and maintaining aircrafts. MOB is a complete and self-sufficient mobile diagnostic laboratory. Thanks to it we can get to the client any time and in anywhere, regardless of the technical state of the aircraft or the weather conditions. The client only needs to provide us with a parking space.

Our MOB’s construction (currently we have three units) is based on a common delivery track platform, where we installed high-tech measurement equipment that allows us to test the electrical and electronic systems directly in the aircraft without the need to disassemble the aircraft.

ruchoma baza obsługowa RBOThe comprehensive and specialized equipment of our MOBs allows us to do a full range of maintenance work on-site: disassembling, servicing, repairing power train including power transmission, and testing avionics modules. The MOB has its own power supply or may be connected to a power grid on-site. If we do not have the option of connecting to the MOB to a power grid (for example, we must do the maintenance or repair on a site without infrastructure), the MOB is equipped with an independent energy generator (6,5 kW). This not only provides power for all testers in the MBO, but also power for the damaged unit that allow us to recharge the aircraft battery. Testers let us check every onboard avionics part including VOR navigation system or 6-channel satellite navigation GPS.

Additionally, our MOBs have a software, created exclusively for our needs, that allows simulating work of any tester (i.e. VOR or oscilloscope testers). The rest of the specialized equipment is transported in individually designed cargo room in the back of the car. We have there i.e. unique windlass that simplify the process of loading and unloading of a toolbox or hydraulic cart.

HYDRAULIC CART :is a unique construction in Europe and it is the invention of the company owners’. This solution is compatible with all types of open and closed hydraulic systems that are used in different types of helicopters (Mi-2, W-3, and SW-4). It has been equipped with an appropriate encryption system to prevent the misprinting of hydraulic systems from certain aircraft. It operates very quietly, has oil cooling (operating temperature of the liquid up to 35 ° C), 12 liters output, and pressure of 200 bars.

If some elements of the equipment require an extended diagnosis, which cannot be provided by the Mobile Operating Base, these services are performed in the company's headquarters. At our headquarters, we have many computerized workstations with the most advanced professional equipment.

STANOWISKA KONTROLNO – POMIAROWE: zaprojektowaliśmy i wykonaliśmy samodzielnie. Oparte są na jednolitym systemie zasilania. Każdy stół-matka wyposażony jest w niezbędne przyłącza napięć zasilających używanych przy zasilaniu sprzętu lotniczego oraz w opomiarowane pole rozpływowe. Pole rozpływowe umożliwia podłączenie kaset, które w zależności od wykonania służą do sprawdzania agregatów lotniczych. Przyjęcie takiego rozwiązania pozwala na wykonywanie obsług technicznych wielu agregatów na jednym stanowisku lub szybkie przezbrajanie innych stanowisk do wykonywania różnorakich obsług. Nowatorstwo tego rozwiązania pozwala na zminimalizowanie wielkości obszarów obsługowych (stanowisk), zwiększa znacznie szybkość adaptacji danego stanowiska do aktualnych potrzeb. Wymienne kasety wraz z okablowaniem zajmują zdecydowanie mniej miejsca w obszarze obsługowym.

Samochody obsługowe również zostały wyposażone w identyczne stoły-matki, co umożliwia precyzyjną kompletację RBO zgodnie z potrzebami obsługi konkretnego statku powietrznego. Każde zunifikowane stanowisko posiada wszystkie potrzebne testery (także zaprojektowane i wyprodukowane w NAVCOM SYSTEMS). Aby zapewnić lepszy nadzór i sprawniejszy przepływ informacji wdrożyliśmy innowacyjny system komputerowy do obsługi podzespołów lotniczych.

We built our own meteorological laboratory, certified by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority. It allows us to calibrate onboard measuring equipment. We offer meteorological services that comply with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2001 standards.

INNOVATIVE COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR THE MAINTENANCE AIRCRAFT UNITS: This software was designed specifically for our company to fulfil our unique requirements. It allows us to coordinate repairs, diagnostics for aircraft units, and effective controlling their circulation in the company. It also allows us to create technical documentation. Every unit has its own measuring cards, bar code (so we know which of our employee service this part), repair protocol, and documentation. The system informs us about work progress and locates the unit on a specific servicing stand within a second. It also monitors the repair history of every unit.

After finishing the repair and protocols completion the system sends us all the necessary information to issue final documentation. To handle these services effectively, NAVCOM SYSTEMS maintains its own independent server room.

Another innovative solution designed and developed by NAVCOM SYSTEMS is our test stand for AC/DC aircraft power generators. Our test stand for generators and alternators, , is the only one of its kind in Poland, it allows us to test the different types of AC/DC generators, and generator starters that are used in the aviation industry. This test stand is especially useful for maintaining generators for W-3 Sokół, PZL Kania and for SW-4 helicopters. By combining a combustion powering unit with an extremely efficient hydraulic pump and using several types of hydraulic powering units, we can quickly modify the entire stand to test a wide variety of equipment.

Using proportional control in hydraulic systems allows for accurate regulation of the rotation speed at any required range. The stand is small and can be transported in a medium size vehicle. Ours is the smallest device of this kind in Poland.