Sales of avionics

Navcom Systems sells aviation electronics. We offer different equipment elements: radio stations, transponders, navigation receivers, GPS receivers, loudspeaker control panels, ELT transmitters, weather radars, and many other devices.

We offer brand name products such as, Honeywell, Avidyne, Trig, Kannad, Artex, ACK, Mid-Continent, Sigmatek, and RCAllen.

Our clients include private aviation (general aviation), law enforcement (police, border guards), and the air force.

The sale of aeronautics systems is comprising an order, preceded by an interview with our experts. Our sale representatives provide our customers advice and assistance when it comes to selecting the right equipment for the aircraft that also meets the user’s expectations.

As a representative of several global brands in the aviation industry, we guarantee the highest quality of the aviation components offered. A warranty according to legal regulations is granted for all components delivered.

In addition, we offer the warranty and postal warranty services for most of the delivered aggregates in our service center

The delivered aggregates can also be created in the user’s aircraft according to the STC or the montage documentation in our design department.