Test Measuring Stands for Generators and Alternators

Another innovative solution designed and developed by NAVCOM SYSTEMS is our test stand for AC/DC aircraft power generators. Our test stand for generators and alternators, , is the only one of its kind in Poland, it allows us to test the different types of AC/DC generators, and generator starters that are used in the aviation industry. This test stand is especially useful for maintaining generators for W-3 Sokół, PZL Kania and for SW-4 helicopters. By combining a combustion powering unit with an extremely efficient hydraulic pump and using several types of hydraulic powering units, we can quickly modify the entire stand to test a wide variety of equipment.

Using proportional control in hydraulic systems allows for accurate regulation of the rotation speed at any required range. The stand is small and can be transported in a medium size vehicle. Ours is the smallest device of this kind in Poland.