We help our clients meet the most current aviation requirements for EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency, and CAA, The Polish Civil Aviation Authority, by offering:

  • KT 74 MODE S Transponder - replacement of KT 76 A/C and KT 78, transponders that does not require replacing wiring (Plug and Go). The technical data is in the files ready to download.
  • KSN 770/765 Integrated Safety Navigator, which combines GPS navigation, Nav/Com (8.33 KHz), terrain mapping, charting, and safety sensor displays. This feature, MFD also displays XM Datalink Weather, radar-based weather, traffic, and terrain.
  • KX 165A - 02 - Navigation and communications radio Nav/Com (8.33 KHz).

We also offer:

  • KMA 30Avionics Audio Panel – the newest generation and replacements for KMA older panels.
  • KLR 10 (new release!) Lift reserve indicator. It provides at-a-glance awareness and audible cues of remaining lift, in an easy-to-install, easy-to-read device that is ready for certified and experimental aircraft.
  • AEROWAVE 100 (new release!) - Affordable high-speed onboard Internet solution.

For pricing please email: service@navcomsystems.net or call (+48) 81 751 7670.

We offer the highest quality products and servicing for all devices sold in Poland, NAVCOM SYSTEMS guarantees trouble-free use and safety.