Avionics repairs

Navcom Systems performs repairs of aeronautic equipment inside the aircraft. Various professional tools in our laboratory allow for the inspection and repair of a wide range of equipment:

serwis awioniki

  • transponders
  • distance measuring equipment (DME)
  • automatic direction finders (ADF)
  • aircraft radio stations
  • navigation receiver VOR/LOC
  • autopilots
  • servomechanisms of autopilots
  • emergency locator transmitter packs ELT Kannad
  • audiopanele
  • weather radars
  • GPS receivers
  • radio altimeters
  • pressure indicators (speedometer, altimeter, variometer, situation indicators)
  • power supplies
  • power generators
  • Other electrical equipment

naprawa awionikiWe offer complete service: inspections, tests, repairs and general overhauls. Our list of skills comprises more than 400 different units for aviation, according to part 145, for which we can ensure full service.

We are distributors of well-known aviation electronics manufacturers in the aerospace industry, including: Honeywell, Bendix King, Trig, Kannad. Thanks to the cooperation and support of the manufacturers, we have permanent and unrestricted access to technical documentation and parts, this allows us to handle even the most complex tasks.

Our qualified personnel can find various solutions in the field of and services for aviation electronics. Our technicians can solve all conceivable problems of aircraft users related to radio navigation devices. If the fault of an assembly is not confirmed, we do not leave the user alone with the error. We deal with complex elimination of the problem, diagnose the fault in the aircraft, and then eliminate it.