Avionics Modernization

modernizacja awionikiTo fulfill the market’s high demand and the needs of aircraft users, we created our own Design Organization that provides change and modernization services for aircraft avionics.
We have Alternative Procedures to Design Organization Approval (ADOA) that authorizes us to make changes and modernize avionics, electrical systems and aircraft equipment certified in the following categories: CS-23 – small aircraft, and CS-27 – small and medium rotorcraft.

Our modernization services meet the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements for designing changes and modernizing aircraft avionics.

We modernize avionics of different types of aircrafts and rotorcrafts including:

  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 182
  • Piper 28
  • Piper 38
  • other.

Avionics is understood to be the funnel navigation system in the aircraft, used for news traffic and flight navigation.
Themodernization of radio communication systems comprises the replacement of old equipment and installation of new equipment including:

  • radio stations
  • VOR and ILS receivers
  • GPS receivers
  • transponders
  • audio panels
  • ELT transmitters
  • weather radars
  • direction finders.

Replacing electrical units:

  • power supplies
  • converters
  • power starters
  • generators.

Replacing navigational instruments:

  • horizontal situation indicators
  • attitude director indicators
  • turn coordinators
  • gyrocompasses
  • heading indicators

The construction and assembly work is carried out by highly qualified personnel with solid knowledge and with several years of experience in the installation and operation of the aeronautics electronics.
Modernization of avionics is based on our own design developments, using the CS-STAN or ADOA procedures, and it is based on the STC documentation produced by other project organizations.

For the performed, we issue an installation certificate according to Part 123 and CRS, for the aircraft.

For changes and modernization, we provide a trade warranty and guarantee complete maintenance services to prevent any problems to the user..